In rhythm with the seasons, on this essentially agricultural and tree-growing soil, the producers offer you their best products throughout the year. The climate is warmer than up there, above the Loire!
The word “paradise” now has its synonyms!
Agen and its gentleness of life mixing calm with architectural, gastronomic and cultural wealth.
The markets of the Lot et Garonne, true gastronomic festivals imprinted with conviviality and human warmth, allowing you to discover and to taste on the spot the products of an exceptional terrain.
The landscapes spreading out under your eyes below the hundred year old hill-top villages like Pujol or Ferransac and including all the variety of the richest agriculture and soils of the region.
The many hiking and cycling trails that make your heart beat to the rhythm of a landscape sometimes resembling Italian Tuscany, sometimes whispering in your ear a thousand secrets of the past so alive with old stones and hidden valleys.
But also and above all the natural kindness of its inhabitants, the deep sense of welcome and the desire to help you in your discoveries and to share a pleasure of living in a region on a human scale!